Wandering Warriors is proud to be associated with the University of Queensland Business School in delivering MBA and Graduate Diploma scholarships for selected veterans. We spoke recently to one of our students, whose details cannot be made public as he is a current serving member of the SAS Regiment and has protected identity status. His MBA studies are part of his transition back to civilian life. Here is what he had to say about the program.

How did you hear about Wandering Warriors?

A friend and ex-unit member got in contact with me when he heard I was looking to transition out of the ADF into the private sector. He informed me of the work they have been doing and recommended a program that Wandering Warriors were involved in with the University of Queensland Business School. The rest is history.

How are Wandering Warriors helping you and other veteran’s transition?

Wandering Warriors are building a bridge between the Unit and post-service employment through multiple programs that have previously not existed. In the past, ex-unit members were reliant on employers taking a leap of faith to employing guys with no private sector experience. With this education program and mentoring from Wandering Warriors personnel and Wandering Warriors corporate partners like the Ray White Group I am far more confident transition will be successful.

What does this opportunity mean to you and your family?

Well it’s hard to articulate how much benefit a person like me gets from a program like this. I am at the stage in my life where successful transition would be hard without this type of assistance. I am receiving a world class education, business and life mentoring from ex-unit members that have forged this path previously, and financial assistance. It provides me and my family with peace of mind knowing that there is a future after serving.