Supporter Club

Wandering Warriors have support not only locally and in Australia, but around the world. The endorsement we recieve from all of our supporters helps us to gain further exposure to our cause. The more exposure we gain the more donations we recieve to assist the Special Forces and their families through education, employment, mentoring, respite and events.

Bear Grylls

Wandering Warriors champions those incredibly brave SF soldiers who have put their everything on the line for our freedom.

The SAS are the best for a reason but there is often a cost for such bravery. Wandering Warriors are here to help support those soldiers when they most need it.

Thank you for being part of our mission to make a difference.

Ben Roberts-Smith VC MG

The dedication to service of the Queensland Branch of the Australian SAS Association in raising the Wandering Warriors initiative embodies the very essence of the ANZAC Spirit. It shows care and concern for mates who have fallen on hard times due to their service of this nation, and with a 1600 kilometre trek ahead of them, in their Brisbane to Birdsville Megawalk the Wandering Warriors members are not only raising awareness and much needed funds, but are also truly showing their dedication to the cause and I would urge all Australians to get behind them and show their support by donating to this worthy charity. I know that the many Australians serving in our defence force today recognise and appreciate what is being done on their behalf. I fully support this new charity and wish them well in their efforts to better the lives of those that have sacrificed for our freedom.

Official Portrait: Trooper Mark Donaldson VC.

Mark Donaldson VC

The unwavering support the Queensland branch of the Special Air Service Association is showing former, current and future serving members by organising Wandering Warriors is undoubtedly inspiring and I commend them wholeheartedly.

It shows a real understanding and dedicated support of our service personnel by conducting such a seemingly mammoth task. The 1600 kilometre, 33 day walk will no doubt raise awareness and needed funds for those who have given so much under the Defence of their nation.

As a serving member I appreciate the effort and compassion these people are showing us through their example. I urge all of you to show your appreciation and donate generously. Through your support we can help them achieve their aim and as well the bigger aim of letting our servicemen and women know that Australia as a community are there to help.

Keith Payne VC OAM

As an ex-soldier I have experienced first-hand the consequences of war and of the dramatic effects it can have on the families of the members who have seen active service in the combat zone. It is my privilege to acknowledge and offer my personal support for the magnificent fundraising activities being conducted by Wandering Warriors and the Queensland Branch of the SAS Association.  The 1300km walk from Brisbane to Canberra to be undertaken later in 2014 endeavours to raise significant funds for charities such as the Commando Welfare Trust, Project Excalibur, Wounded Heroes, White Cloud Foundation and Soldier On.

I believe that Wandering Warriors embodies the essential qualities of commitment, enthusiasm and dedication needed to support past and present serving Australian Defence Force personnel and I would actively encourage all members of the public to demonstrate their support both personally and financially for this worthwhile cause.

Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk

The Wandering Warriors have my strong support. These members of the Australian SAS Association in Queensland are veterans of conflicts involving Australia’s military forces over the past fifty years. They volunteer their time, energy and resources to raise funds for veteran and family-focussed charities. They understand first hand the impact of war on soldiers and their families.

The funds they raise from their Brisbane to Birdsville Megawalk will make a difference to a number of charities which care for wounded and injured members of the Australian Defence Force and their families. Through your generosity and messages of support, you will be letting our defence force personnel know that the Australian community values what they do on behalf of our nation.

Campbell Newman, Former Queensland Premier

I commend the Queensland Branch of the Australian Special Air Service Association for their initiative, compassion and determination in organizing a charity walk from Brisbane to Birdsville. Funds raised from the 1600 kilometre Megawalk charity walk will be used to provide an extra dimension of care for weary  and wounded soldiers.

Through Project Excalibur, Queensland members of the Special Air Service Association have already provided much needed respite breaks on the Gold and Sunshine Coasts for Special Air Service (SAS) soldiers and their families.

The Megawalk will enable them to continue this valuable work as well as support their charity partners, the Commando Welfare Trust and Soldier On. As these former SAS soldiers march the breadth of our State to help out their younger colleagues, I hope all Queenslanders will look out for them and support them where possible.

Major General Chip Chapman CB British Army

All wars are now coalitions of the willing. Whilst politics may constrain a nation’s resolve to put men in harm’s way, that is not a condition that has affected the British “Tom’ or the Aussie “Digger’. It is especially so for those in our Special Forces communities who have been at the sharp end of operations in both Iraq and Afghanistan:  they have been in the ‘van of battle’.  They have borne the brunt.  Whilst Afghanistan will shortly become a ‘former’ campaign, that will never be the case for those who died and those who still live with the scars of their service. We must continue to support those who served and suffered from the Australian Defence Force – in all campaigns. As a long term international supporter of the ‘Digger’ and the virtues he brings to the battle, I warmly endorse the Wandering Warriors and the Queensland Branch of the SAS Association. Give generously – for they did for you.

Pilgrim Bandits

Pilgrim Bandits are proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with their mates the Wandering Warriors in Australia who selflessly volunteer their time, energy and resources to conduct events that raise funds for wounded, injured or ill veterans and their families. Wandering Warriors mission strongly corresponds with our own philosophy of helping to stimulate the injured to regain their personal confidence resulting in them striving to achieve once again, as in their military service. We wish our Wandering Warriors brothers every success in their endeavours and look forward to working alongside in the future.