This year’s RAR Foundation Scholarship supported by Wandering Warriors was awarded to Deakin University student Courtney Dole. Courtney is passionate about visual arts and design. Courtney wrote to us, saying:

“Art supplies and design programs can be really expensive. This scholarship allows me access to all the tools I need to develop my abilities in my field without financial worry. I now have access to professional grade paint, high quality brushes and canvas, as well as any adobe design programs I need to complete my assignments and create the best work that I can.

This has helped me so much so far and I am so grateful I haven’t had to sacrifice proper art materials now that I am living away from home. This is why the scholarship means so much to me, and I am so grateful for it”.

Wandering Warriors is equally thankful to our sponsors and supporters who allow us the funds to give back to the veteran community. Courtney is the second student to receive one of these $11,000 three-year scholarships from Wandering Warriors. The first, Jonathon Cooper, is currently excelling in his medical studies. Pictured below is Wandering Warriors CEO Bob Brett MC presenting Courtney with her scholarship earlier this year.