Project Description

Happy Wanderer Wandering Warriors Sydney to hobart

Team Happy Wanderer

The Rolex Sydney to Hobart

December 26th 2019

The Happy Wanderers mission is to compete in the Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. They are raising awareness and funds for Wandering Warriors veterans charity and Veteran Suicide. Your donation goes directly to assisting the Wandering Warriors programs.


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The Crew

A Composite team of activity of active-duty soldiers, sailors and veterans from the Australian Special Forces. The Crew have collectively served on over 40 operational deployments throughout Afghanistan, Iraq, Solomon Islands and East Timor.

Trained to win in the most complex and challenging environments. They take on missions of the highest national importance.

Strategic thinkers, problem solvers, autonomous operators, team players.

The Mission

Raise funds for the Wandering Warriors to support their programs of employment, education, respite, events and mentoring for veterans and their families and where practicable, extend that care to the wider community.

Key objectives are to:

  • Maintain strong mental health
  • Keep families together and stronger
  • Reduce the rate of veteran depression and suicide

The Challenge

In less than three months, take a group with varied sailing experience, living on opposite sides of the country and prepare a crew to compete in one of the hardest open-ocean races in the world.

The Happy Wanderer

Our team has secured charter of a 50ft TransPacific kevlar composite offshore performance yacht (JV50), named Happy Wanderer. 

Sail Number: ESP6100