The Pilgrim Bandits fully support and commend this magnificent initiative by the Queensland branch of the Australian SAS Association and would urge all our own supporters to do whatever they can to assist the Association in achieving its objectives. The Pilgrims were established by a small group of British Special Forces veterans back in 2007 with our sole aim being to use our unique training and experience to inspire and encourage wounded soldiers like Wandering Warriors. 

As ex-servicemen we all know that adversity, challenges and obstacles serve to strengthen the human spirit and this inspired endeavour will certainly prove a challenge to the team.  Our motto ‘Always a little further’ could have been made for this event and we hope that this event will serve to inspire and encourage others to get involved rather than just standing on the sidelines.

This will be a physically and mentally demanding activity for the Wandering Warriors volunteers who incidentally are all veterans of Australia’s military engagements over the past 50 years. The Pilgrims share the Association’s concern for the wounded soldiers returning from conflict and are only too aware of the devastating effect it can have on their families including those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Encouragement, belief and the power of humour over pain will sustain the Wandering Warriors through this venture and the Pilgrims will be right there alongside you in spirit.


Pilgrim Bandits