All wars are now coalitions of the willing. Whilst politics may constrain a nation’s resolve to put men in harm’s way, that is not a condition that has affected the British “Tom’ or the Aussie “Digger’. It is especially so for those in our Special Forces communities who have been at the sharp end of operations in both Iraq and Afghanistan:  they have been in the ‘van of battle’.  They have borne the brunt.  Whilst Afghanistan will shortly become a ‘former’ campaign, that will never be the case for those who died and those who still live with the scars of their service. We must continue to support those who served and suffered from the Australian Defence Force – in all campaigns. As a long term international supporter of the ‘Digger’ and the virtues he brings to the battle, I warmly endorse the Wandering Warriors and the Queensland Branch of the SAS Association. Give generously – for they did for you.

Major General  Chip Chapman CB      British Army

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