How does fundraising for Wandering Warriors help veterans?

A wise man once said that you take better care of veterans if you give them something to do and something to look forward to. It’s a simple formula and one that we at Wandering Warriors believe solves a lot of issues. The wise man stayed quiet on the funding needed to support that formula. We know why. 

Fundraising – the toughest gig for any charity – is key to everything we do. A percentage of donations to Wandering Warriors goes into our operations, primarily to finance events. Part of the balance is aspirational: a nest egg for scholarships and perhaps one day for a paid part-time position. Of course we have administration costs for insurances, marketing, postage, internet and website, etc., but being an organisation of volunteers helps us keep these costs low. 


Whenever we run an event, whether a cricket match, yacht race, stretcher carry, corporate lunch or a 1600 kilometre walk, we aim for the best possible look to present our veterans. With our Memorial Warrior Cup, that means ensuring that we can kit our teams out in uniforms and give them great equipment for the event. It means catering for the families attending the day, making sure that the kids have something to do while the grown-ups are enjoying the match. There are costs attached to every aspect. The joy of the day, watching old mates socially engaged, produces a lasting energy and benefit. Ditto for any of our events. 

Then there are running costs for advertising, signage, promotions, insurances, etc, on top of kit and clothing. None of these things happen without the support of our donors and sponsors. We’ll never be able to fully express our appreciation to you all. To those who have donated over the past seven years, you have made the difference between giving veterans something to do and something to look forward to – or doing nothing. We can’t put a price on the difference you’ve made. 


The MBA scholarships we’ve been able to offer have come with the generous in-kind support of the business schools of The University of Queensland and UNSW, as well as through corporate sponsorship. We’re aiming to grow and expand the Wandering Warriors Education Program, to reach a point where public donations and corporate sponsorships will result in more degree courses, trade and technical training for veterans. That will allow veterans to continue

Author: Audie Moldre

Director and Company Secretary

Audie completed 25 years of ADF service in the Australian Regular Army and the RAAF, including operational tours with the SAS Regiment and the Australian Army Training Team Vietnam (AATTV). He is a double-language graduate (Vietnamese and Chinese) of the RAAF School of Languages. After retiring as a Squadron Leader in 1990, Audie pursued an Australian Federal Police career as an Asian crime specialist, before moving to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, where he ended his working life as a senior diplomat in China.

Audie remains passionate about veterans’ causes. He co-founded Wandering Warriors in 2013 and became its first CEO. He stepped down from that position in 2015 to become the company secretary when Wandering Warriors became a public company.

Education: MA (International Relations) (Deakin); Diploma in Chinese Language (Mandarin) (HKU).