Fundraising is a great way to support Wandering Warriors. Over the years we have benefited from others fundraising on our behalf.

Your Event

Fundraising events can take many forms, and can be a lot of fun. Whatever you choose to do for your event, you will need to read fundraising pack and follow the steps below to get your fundraiser started. We have already had many individuals, business and groups fundraise on our behalf. From Sausage sizzles to marathon events.

Authority to Fundraise

You will need to fill out and email us the Authority to fundraise form. Please allow up to ten working days for us to approve and send you a Letter of Authority to Fundraise for Wandering Warriors. You must have approval from Wandering Warriors before you can commence your event. Email to [email protected]

Fundraising Online

If you want to take the hassle out of setting up a fundraising campaign, you can sign up using

All of our details, social media links and bank details are on our charity page. The funds are deposited directly to us.

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