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Military skills don’t always translate seamlessly or practically into the civilian world. It is often the case veterans looking to re-focus their lives often need further education or retraining. Wandering Warriors has linked with educational institutions of technical, vocational and higher learning to provide Veteran Scholarships for Australians transitioning to a new career. 

Our Education Partners

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The University of Queensland

Wandering Warriors in partnership with The University of Queensland Business School offers flexible learning options towards the MBA program. This program gives those located in Queensland access to a university consistently rated in the top 20 programs globally and rated one of Australasia’s best.

AGSM Business School

Wandering Warriors in partnership with AGSM @ UNSW Business School offers MBA scholarships (up to full tuition fee waiver) to complete their full-time program. This is one of the country’s elite MBA schools and for those looking to embark on studies in Sydney. 

Melbourne Business School

Melbourne Business School has partnered with Wandering Warriors and leading technology consultancy, Unico, to offer a MBA scholarship. This program is focused on those transitioning veterans in Victoria looking to fast track their career as an executive in the corporate or government sector. 

University of New England

Wandering Warriors in partnership with The University of England Business School offers discounted studies to those wishing to pursue face to face studies in regional NSW or may wish to exercise their flexible online education across Australia. 


Wandering Warriors is building a network of Australian companies committed to training and offering work placement for veterans. Companies looking for employees who have demonstrated such qualities as loyalty, integrity, courage, tenacity, initiative, perseverance and humor.


The Australian SAS Regiment and defence force at large, has produced an extensive network of successful individuals in many walks of life; including former soldiers who continue to serve their community in leadership roles in government, in the business world, and in a range of professions.


Your families are and will remain your greatest support.  The respite program enables families to escape the up-tempo environment at the regiment to unwind, relax and reconnect. The unique nature of special force service where training and operations are conducted.

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