Below is a testimonial letter received from the Commando Welfare Trust:

I am writing to convey to you the gratitude of the Trustees of the Commando Welfare Trust for the outstanding support that the Wandering Warriors provided the Trust as a result of your Brisbane to Birdsville Trek.

Notwithstanding the welcome and significant cash donation, it is the fact that it came from “brothers in arms” which to me is the most significant aspect of this support as I am sure the other welfare and service organisations that your fund raising benefited would agree.

The CWT aims primarily to support our beneficiaries with the financial resources that ensure the children get the kind of education their parents would have aspired to had the father stayed alive. We ask the question – “Why shouldn’t they, having paid so much already, still get the benefit of the best education available to Australian children.”

Support like that provided by the Wandering Warriors Inc allows my Trustees having asked that question, to follow up with a practical and material solution and for your part in the process we remain extremely grateful. I believe you now have another reason to be very proud of yourselves!

Yours sincerely

Steve Pilmore OAM

Trust Executive Officer