Battle PT 2380 have raised over $30K for the Wandering Warriors on the weekend with their Sharing the Load Challenge.

Article from Battle PT 2380:
“We did it team!”
What a successful event for Battle PT 2380 and Wandering Warriors Inc. Not only did we achieve the unknown, it was completed well below expected time in 6 hours and 45 minutes (expected duration 8-10hours).

3 stretchers started and 3 finished. There were no stops. At no time were any stretchers put down. The only injuries incurred included blistering, chaffing and muscle fatigue. There were no quitters. All stuck to our motto “Just Grin and Bear it”.

Everyone involved in this event from planning to completion should be extremely proud of their achievement! This would not have been an event without you and you took on the unknown and made it happen. To the Battle PT 2380 team, a huge thank you. Every member in the our team is truly inspirational and this includes support crew who volunteered their time and kept the carriers hydrated and fed as well as those who carried the stretchers. To the Brisbane and ADFA teams and other interstate carriers, thank you for joining us and putting you bodies on the line to take on the unknown.

Members of Wandering Warriors Inc. including CEO and other participants who have completed other challenges around Australia prior all agree that this is one of Australia’s toughest challenges. It was a true physical and mental slog.

The dinner was also an extreme success with Auction raising over $5K and a total of around $30K being raised for Wandering Warriors Inc. from the complete event.

All we can say now, followers, is… watch this space… who knows what’s around the corner.