On 31 October, the Australian Defence Force Academy handed over a cheque for $1200 to Wandering Warriors. Mike Whitelaw, one of our Directors, attended the function in Canberra to receive the generous and much appreciated donation.


The cadets at the Australian Defence Force Academy undertook a range of fundraising activities throughout the year including selling drinks at sports carnivals and a charity auction, to raise funds for a selected charity. This year, the beneficiary of their efforts is Wandering Warriors.


Mike took the opportunity to speak to the staff, cadets and their partners about a couple of his experiences since he graduated from the Australian Defence Force Academy 20 years ago. Mike also spoke of the opportunities Wandering Warriors pursues in supporting the veteran community, highlighting the focus on assistance to veteran’s transitioning into civilian life, creating education based opportunities and leveraging the extensive network of our members.


“Having the recognition and support of young men and women just staring out in their military careers was a heart warming experience” Mike said. Generous donations like that received form the Australian Defence Force Academy cadets goes a long way to ensuring the longevity and responsiveness of Wandering Warriors.


In closing, Mike suggested that it may be a matter of months or years before any of the cadets or their families put their hand up for assistance but through supporting organisations like the Wandering Warriors, they are ensuring a safety net will be there when they do need it.


Wandering Warriors would like to thank Officer Cadet Declan James and all the other cadets that made the kind donation possible.