Founder Colleen McKenna explains why she started Angle Squad:

20150225_150705-2“We specifically look after post-1998 veterans who have alcohol and substance abuse issues secondary to PTSD as I
had found this to be very much a missing link in the chain of services available to PTSD sufferers.
I kept seeing too many instances of young veterans being released from Ward 17 or other health facilities, receiving
no appropriate back-up, and ending back inside to repeat the process over and over again.”

“The Squad is going very well and we are now receiving referrals directly from Ward 17 which is very pleasing. Our members wear a cap with our badge on the front, and earn a series of achievement ‘bars’ as they reach their recovery goals. I have attached a couple of pics in case you are interested.  The group also undertakes a lot of activities including restoring a car with a view to speedway competition.”

If you want to get in touch with Colleen from Angel Squad please email her on [email protected]