2024 ANZAC Fight Night

Wandering Warriors would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who attended ANZAC Fight Night. Your presence made it a truly unforgettable evening filled with excitement and camaraderie. Special thanks to Steve Deller and John Hawker of Fortitude Boxing Gym, our sponsors, and all attendees for your incredible support and contributions.

Special mentions include the Band of the 1st Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery, TACMED Australia, The Fortitude Music Hall and James Paul. A big shoutout to those who couldn’t make it on the night but still supported and donated – your spirit was there in every punch and cheer. We felt your presence in the beat of the music and the electric atmosphere.

We offer a heartfelt salute to the veterans who pushed boundaries and completed the 10-week boxing fitness training, then stepped into the ring with courage and determination. Your resilience is truly inspiring! Nights like this create lasting memories amid the cheers and vibrant energy of a boxing match. Everyone was a standout winner on the night.

A special thank you goes to the coaches and trainers, and the pro fighters Connor Wallace, Mariah Turner, Jake Wyllie, Warhorse Clements, and Ash Tims, who elevated the night’s intensity and were enjoyed by all.

To our very own Tracey Jones, Brett Sangster, Quentin Masson, and Audie Moldre thank you for your dedication and hard work.

The overwhelming interest in next year’s event is a testament to its success. Stay tuned for updates, and feel free to reach out with any inquiries.

With sincere appreciation

The veterans and families will directly benefit from this amazing fundraising event through the programs of Wandering Warriors and The Kriat Foundation.