How to Select Riding Lawn Mower Under $1000? [2017 New Edition]

There are wide varieties of riding lawn mower available in the market and it seems a bit of overwhelming to sort out through all the features, attachments and specifications available.  When a person is unable to push the walk behind mower they started ditching it.

However, riding lawn mower is available in three different styles: lawn and garden tractors, Zero turning radius (ZTR) lawn mowers and rear engine riding lawn mowers. All of these riding lawn mower under $1000 have different attributes, so choose the one that fits best for your lawn.

Several types of lawn mowers

As I have already told you earlier that each of them has different features and specifications and, now I am going to share you some ideas for picking up the right lawn mowers for your garden.

  1. Rear engine riding mowers

If you want easy and comfortable mowing experience, then you can go for Rear engine riding mowers. These riding mowers are more affordable as compared to other types of riding mowers. If you have small space, tight gates and space to maneuver than rear engine riding mowers could be an ideal choice for you.

It is more affordable than other riding mowers because the deck pivots are attached to it along with the front axle providing a smoother cut through turns. With this lawn mower, you will have better visibility and also will help you to breathe comfortably knowing the exhaust fumes are behind you.

  1. Lawn and Garden Tractors

If you want more than just mowing, then Lawn and Garden tractors can be the right choice for you. Lawn and garden tractors are fully equipped with powerful engines, and they have the capability to accomplish all big tasks. These tractors provide high-speed performance, and they can overcome all kinds of obstacles without any hassle. Lawn tractors feature lower torque transmission, smaller rear tires and lesser horsepower as compared to garden tractors and it is used for lighter duty. Lawn tractors can also be used for traction and stability on uneven terrain.

If you are focusing only on cutting grasses and perform light work, then lawn tractors will serve you very well. However, if you are considering for both light work and heavy duty work like tilting and cultivating, then you will need garden tractors. Garden tractors have about 24 horsepower engine, and it is capable of doing heavy-duty attachments.

  1. Zero turn mowers

Zero-turn mowers can give a very high performance, and it can run at speed up to 8 mph. The steering in zero turn mowers allows you to make a turn of 360 degrees with ease. As it can run at faster speed, it will save you the most time while mowing. This riding mower can be easily handled in slope surfaces because the front wheels can be easily controlled by the steering wheel.

Here are the some of the basic features and specifications of different types of lawn mowers. Select any one that suits the best for your purpose. If you want to know anything else regarding this post, then let us know.