“To provide care, support and opportunities for our veterans and their families.”

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Why We Exist

WW-LOGO-SOLID-ROUNDOver the past 50 years, the Special Air Service Regiment (SAS) has been at the forefront of Australia’s military deployments. In the past two decades, the operational tempo has been unrelenting with SAS and Special Force units being sent (in harm’s way) on multiple deployments. The relentless round of training, deployment and enforced family separation has placed extraordinary demands on these soldiers and their families. Those demands have come at a great cost with half of Australia’s battle deaths, and a large portion of the wounded, coming from these elite special force troops. But the cost is not always immediate and not always obvious.

Battle can be short, intense and personal. For most veterans, those experiences never completely end, impacting their lives and their families forever.  [Read More]


Who We Are

WW-LOGO-SOLID-ROUNDWandering Warriors is a fundraising initiative of the Australian Special Air Service Association. The unique bonds that are formed by service in the SAS are never severed. We hold that we have a lifelong obligation to care for and support our brothers and their families and, where practicable, extend that care to the wider veteran community.

Our volunteers strive to assist all wounded, injured and ill veterans and their families. Wandering Warriors relies on YOUR GENEROSITY to support all its services and programs.

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