“To secure ongoing funding for the care and support of our veterans and their families, as well as for other charitable causes.”

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The Department of Defence and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs share the lead in caring for wounded and injured Australian Defence Force personnel, but a gap remains in that care as there is a limit to entitlements, grants, programs and funding. Australia has a number of other stakeholder organisations that attend to the needs of physically wounded and psychologically impacted veterans and their families.

These stakeholders add an extra dimension to the care of our wounded and their families; however, they require continued access to funding to do their work. Wandering Warriors Inc is a charity which raises funds to help meet that need.

The Cause

Increasingly, Australia’s military engagements are being fought by the few, with many ADF personnel putting themselves in harm’s way on multiple operational deployments. Australians have had differing views about our military involvement in Afghanistan, but they have stood behind the young Australians undertaking that fight.  [Read More]


Wandering Warriors

Wandering Warriors Inc is a fundraising initiative of the Australian SAS Association. Our members are veterans of Australia’s military conflicts over the past 50 years. We volunteer our time, energy and resources to conduct events that raise funds for wounded, injured or ill veterans and their families. Wandering Warriors has no paid positions.

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